I was born in Canada and grew up in the country, on what used to be called “Rural Route 1” in Southern Ontario. I can still remember the full mailing address, though it was a wonder the mail-carrier could find anyone without house numbers or street names. There weren’t many other houses, and almost no other children. I told my sister a lot of stories.

I’ve wanted to create my own universes ever since I saw “Star Wars” when I was five. I was eighteen when I sold my first science fiction story to the Edge Books’ Tesseracts 3 anthology, and since then I’ve been published in speculative fiction anthology magazines, and textbooks for fiction and language arts in Canada. More recently I had a short story chosen for the Tesseracts 14 anthology, and three stories (with one co-written) in short story anthologies by Dreamspinner Press.

I moved to Texas with my then-boyfriend in 2001, who is now my husband, and we’re the lucky parents of the most wonderful son in the world. We also share our house with four cats, who enjoy walking on my keyboard whenever I try to write anything. I’ve managed to finish three novels anyway, which are all with Dreamspinner Press. You can find me everywhere online as Taste_is_Sweet. 🙂