Welcome! I’m Aundrea Singer, also known as Taste_is_Sweet. This is my new blog.

I’m a romance, fantasy and science fiction author from Canada, currently living in Texas. You can find out more about me here at About Me.com, or on Goodreads. My books are available at AmazonDreamspinner Press, Google Play, Kobo, All Romance, and Barnes and Noble.com. Come on over here if you’d like them electronically autographed!

If you’re interested in my geekier side, I have a Tumblr, and it’s remotely possible that I occasionally write fanfiction, though I admit nothing. When I’m feeling funky, I make music mixes at 8Trax.com. And if you prefer your Sweet short, I’m on Twitter too.

I really do like candy. I love the bright, vibrant colors and interesting shapes, and of course how the taste is sweet. 😉

Thank you very much for stopping by. I hope you enjoy poking around my little corner of the internet. Please feel free to contact me about anything (link is on the upper right). I would love to hear from you.